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This is my first app using ReactJS, the purpose of this project is to know the syntax of ES6 and ReactJS.

During the development, I learned:

  1. New web application syntax
    • Setting up JSX using Babel as well as new ES6 features
    • Creating React components using class based stateless functional method
    • Styling the project using scss
  2. Different tools for developing web apps
    • Using NPM and Yarn to manage dependencies
    • Configuring the project using Webpack
    • Integrated Third-party API (React-Modal)
  3. New deployment method

More details

Instead of developing React by manually configuring using webpack, react provides more convenient way by integrating webpack in react-scripts. Learn how to start a react app from hello-world demo, check out:

Github pages can only host static pages, instead of using webpack dynamically generate bundle.js, we have to build the web first and upload all static pages.

More Images:

Online Course at Udemy Credit To: Andrew Mead